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The gamma irradiation on the cooking time and absorption of water in soybean grains with and without lipoxygenase

Luciana Marino e Biscaro Solange Guidolin Canniatti Brazaca Valter Arthur Carlos Tadeu dos Santos Dias About the authors

The appropriate heat processing helps to improve the digestibility and eliminate antinutritional factors present in grain. However, this process can be harmful, causing nutrient losses. The irradiation on grain can facilitate their cooking, and reduces the time for its softening. The objective of this study was to evaluate possible changes caused by irradiation in the time of hydration and cooking in conventional soybean and soybeans without lipoxygenase. The two cultivars ('BRS 232' - with lipoxygenase and 'BRS 257' - without lipoxygenase) differ in the amount of water absorbed, in time of hydration and time of cooking. Irradiation caused lower water absorption, but less time for cooking.

soybean; lipoxygenase; radiation; hydration; cooking

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