Physical, rheological and sensory characteristics of extruded products from mixtures of passion fruit flour and cassava starch

Fernanda Rossi Moretti Trombini Magali Leonel Martha Maria Mischan About the authors

This research had as objective to evaluate the effect of extrusion temperature and screw speed on physical and rheological properties, as well as, the sensory acceptance of cassava and passion fruit snacks produced in single-screw extruder. A central composite design with 11 treatments was used, considering as dependent variables: expansion index (EI), specific volume (SV), water solubility index (WSI), water absorption index (WAI), color (L*, a*, b*) and pasting properties (RVA). The products were flavored and analyzed for global acceptance. The results showed significant effects of temperature and screw speed on the dependent variables. The chocolate flavored snacks obtained good acceptance.

starch; fiber; viscosity; expansion; acceptance

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