Ventilometric and hemogasometric evaluation of oxygenotherapy by nasal catheter in dogs after lateral intercostal thoracotomy

Lateral intercostal thoracotomy was performed in twelve mongrel dogs divided in two groups for different postoperative treatments. Six animais received oxigen by nasal catheter after surgery. Both groups were maintained in a recovery room during four hours in wich were monitored the pulmonary tidal volume, the arterial blood gas values, the capilar refil l time, the mucous membrane color, the respiratory and heart rates, the rectal temperature, and the tolerance to the nasal catheter. The results demonstrated a reduction on the arterial oxygen parcial pressure levels after the thoracotomy. The comparativo statistical analyse showed a significant diference between the group that received oxygen by nasal catheter and the group that recived no treatment.

nasal catheter; oxygentherapy; thoracotomy; dogs

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