Kinetics of degradation and shelf-life of whole mango juice

Anderson do Nascimento Oliveira Afonso Mota Ramos José Benício Paes Chaves Maria Emília Rodrigues Valente About the authors

This research aimed to study the kinetic of whole mango juice cv. 'Ubá' degradation using accelerated assays and estimate its shelf-life at 25°C. The products were stored in BOD incubator at 25°C (control), 35°C and 45°C (accelerated conditions), provided with 24 hours a day 650lux lighting. Physico-chemical properties that most influenced the quality of the product were the color coordinates (L* and ∆E*) and the vitamin C content. It was found that zero order kinetic model was the best fit to variations in the values of L* and ∆E*, which showed browning of products stored under higher temperatures. There were significant correlations between changes in vitamin C content and changes in values of L* and ∆E*, suggesting that the degradation of this vitamin contributed to darkening of the product. Shelf-life of 190 days was estimated for whole mango juice stored at 25°C, using vitamin C content as the limiting quality.

mango; accelerated assays; shelf-life; vitamin C

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