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Use of methyl methacrylate, moulded in its paste phase, to fill the orbital cavity of dogs, after exenteration in cases of ophthalmic neoplasias: a report of three cases

Uso do metilmetacrilato, moldado em fase pastosa, no preenchimento da cavidade orbitária de cães submetidos à exenteração, em casos de neoplasias oftálmicas: relato de três casos

Methyl methacrylate, acrylic resine for odontologic use, was used to fill the orbital cavity of three dogs which presented retrobulbar, eyeball and eyelid neoplasias extended to the orbital space, respectively. The material was moulded in the orbit before polymerization, while still in its paste phase. In each case, follow-up reports were obtained in the 10th and 40th days and in 18 months after surgery. Complications were not observed and improvement of cosmetic appearance was obtained.

methyl methacrylate; prosthesis; orbit; neoplasia; dogs

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