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Nutrient extraction for shoots of carqueja under fonts and levels of nitrogen

This research was aimed at determining the influence of nitrogen sources and levels on the amount and concentration of nutrients extracted from the shoots of carqueja six months after planted. The amount and concentration were correlated to the essential oil and dry matter production. The experiment was conducted at Experimental Station of Canguiri (UFPR), with experimental design in random blocks with seven treatments and four repetitions. The treatments consisted of 4, 8 and 16 grams of nitrogen (N) per plant of urea and manure sources, and a control without N application. The fertilization was done two times with an interval of two months. There was no statistical difference between content and extraction of nutrients for treatments for these soil fertility conditions. Similar results were observed for dry matter and essential oil production. The nutrient extraction for aerial parts presented the decreasing sequence K > N > Ca > S > Mg > P for macronutrients and Mn >Fe > B > Zn > Cu for micronutrients.

Baccharis trimera; nitrogen fertilization; macronutrients; micronutrients

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