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European red spider mite Panonychus ulmi (Koch) (Tetranychidae) occurrence of vineyards in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Noeli Juarez Ferla Marcos Botton About the authors

The occurrence and the damage caused for the European red spider mite Panonychus ulmi (Koch) associated to the culture of the grapevine are described. The collections had been carried through in 2005-2006 seasons in Vitis vinifera L. of cultivating Merlot in Bento Gonçalves and Candiota counties, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The infested leaves had presented bronzing, with spots redly in the adaxial face resulting in the premature fall. This is the first register of the European red mite damaging the culture of the grapevine in Rio Grande do Sul.

Acari; grape; grapevine; Vitaceae

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