Potassium concentration in nutrient solution and quality and number of fruits of melon, cultivated in hidroponic

The experiment was carried out in Jaboticabal-SP. The hybrid Bonus n0 2 was cropped in randomized blocks design, in split-plot scheme and six replications. Fruit number per plant (2, 3, 4 e free fruit set) and potassium concentration in the nutrient solution (66, 115.5, 165 and 247.5mg L-1) were the studied factors. The increase of potassium concentration in the nutrient solution did not promote increase melon fruit quality characteristics such as: average soluble solid content from all plant fruits or that of the second fruit; average total tritratable acidity from all plant fruits and that of the first or second fruit. Also it not affected maturation index (ratio); mesocarp thickness and fruit shape index. Fruits from plants with two fruits presented higher soluble solids content and total tritritable acidity independent of K concentration in nutrient solution. The higher fruit number per plant reduced mesocarp thickness.

Cucumis melo var. reticulatus; hidroponic; protection cultivated; plant nutrition; fruits quality

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