Biochemical alterations of plants and bud morphology of coffee tree associated to events on flowering in response to meteorological elements

Marilza Neves do Nascimento José Donizeti Alves Ângela Maria Soares Evaristo Mauro de Castro Marcelo Murad Magalhães Amauri Alves de Alvarenga Guilherme Henrique Silva About the authors

Flowering on coffee plants involves several aspects from the plant as well as from the environment. Understanding these interactions can enhance the knowledge and promote better handling of the crop in field, mainly related to irrigation to promote synchronized flowering and consequently the uniform fruit maturation, lowering the production costs. The aim of the present study was to evaluate bud morphology, proline and abscisic acic biosynthesis on coffee plants under different environmental conditions in order to contribute to the knowledge in factors that influence flowering synchronization. Scanning electron microscopic was performed on buds of plagiotropic shoots weekly collected from November/04 to February/05. Predawn water potential and proline content analysis were carried out from July to September/05 using complete superior third expanded leaves from plagiotropic shoots of non and irrigated plants. Abcisic acid content was also evaluated in xylem sap and on flower buds. The results show alterations on bud morphology associated to the period of water deficit followed by precipitation and also, consequently, lower thermic amplitude. Regarding to the water potential, differences could be observed in the treatments having -0.3 and 0.8MPa for irrigated and -0.6 and -1.5MPa for non-irrigated plants. The highest proline and abcisic acid content are related to dryer period, however there is no direct relationship between these biosynthesis compounds and the different flowering stages evaluated.

bud morphology; abscisic acid; proline; water deficit; floral induction; uniform flowering

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