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Technical-economic evaluation of imuno and surgically castrated male pigs

This study was conducted to evaluate the technical and economic performance and determine profitability through the economic sensitivity analysis of immune (IM) and male pigs surgically castrated (SC). Two experiments were conducted in a completely randomized design, consisting of two treatments (IM and SC) with eight replicates of 10 animals each, totaling 160 pigs per experiment. It was found that IM pigs have lower feed intake and feed conversion during the growth phases in relation to SC. In the finishing phases, IM have better weight gain, feed conversion, carcass yield and lean meat percentage in relation to SC. The use of IM increases the profitability in pig production. The analysis of profitability differential between IM and SC should consider all stages of creation, since the differential performance of not castrated pigs during growth influences economic results of production.

sensitivity analysis; carcass; immunocastration; profitability

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