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Cerebral angiography in dogs

Carmen Lice Buchmann de Godoy Denise de Castro Veiga Claudete Schmidt Luiz Carlos de Pellegrini Stella Falkenberg Rausch About the authors

Cerebral angiography is an imaging technique used to detect alterations in the blood supply of the brain. A positive contrast is injected and the image obtained by conventional radiography, computerized tomography or magnetic resonance (MRI). The present research describes the technique with the use of conventional radiography due to the rare availability of tomography or MRI equipment in veterinary practice. The objective was to evaluate the efficiency of the method in demonstrating the angiographic pattern of normal animals, to serve as a complementary exam to simple x-ray and improve the capability of detecting altered intracranial blood flow. It is concluded that the technique is capable of producing clear images of cerebral vessels and its ramifications.

contrast medium; radiological exam; cerebral vessels

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