Tridimentional efforts analyses of furrow opening in no tillage seeder

Information from evaluation mechanisms of opening furrows seedlings in no-tillage systems helps companies todesign tools soil, seeking for lower energy requirement. This work was achieved in a Red Latosol soil in order to evaluate dimensional efforts of mechanisms opening furrows. The experimental design used was a complete randomized block with 5 projects and five mechanisms of furrow opening (even disk - DL, corrugated disk - DC, ondulated disk - DO, double disk - DD and furrow rod - H). To measure forces, a dynamometer with sensitivity in draught, transverse and vertical directions and torsor e fletor moment were used. The strength need to be consider in individual results of opening mechanisms furrows in tools designed for seeders The rod needs little effort to penetrate the vertical soil due to the suction. The ondulated disk provides greater mobilization of soil due to the project design of the tool.

seeders; moment fletor; moment torsor; no-tillage; transducer

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