Microclimate of vineyards under protected cultivation

Geraldo Chavarria Loana Silveira Cardoso Homero Bergamaschi Henrique Pessoa dos Santos Francisco Mandelli Gilmar Arduino Bettio Marodin About the authors

Microclimate alterations promoted by plastic covering over vineyards interfere in the plant physiology and fungal diseases incidence on grapevines. The aim of this research was to evaluate the influence of the plastic covering on the microclimate of vineyards, in particular on the quality of the incoming solar radiation. The experiment was carried out in 2005/06 and 2006/07 seasons in Flores da Cunha-RS, in a vineyard of Moscato Giallo cultivar shaped in Y, with impermeable plastic (160µm) over 12 rows of 35m length and five rows without covering (control). In both treatments the air temperature and humidity, incoming photosynthetically radiation and wind speed were measured at the level of the canopy and clusters. Continuing measurements were taken through sensors and automatic acquisition systems (datalogger). Influences of the covering on quality of the incoming solar radiation, from 300 to 750nm, were evaluated through a spectroradiometer. The impermeable plastic covering above the plant rows increased the air temperature and decreased the photosynthetically radiation and wind speed. The covering interfered on the quality of the incoming solar radiation, by reducing mainly the irradiance in the ultraviolet band and reducing also the ratio between the irradiance in the red and far-red bands.

Vitis vinifera; plasticulture; micrometeorology; protected cultivation

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