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Mating behavior and seminal characteristics in young landrace and large white boars

The aim of this work was to evaluate mating behavior and seminal characteristics of Landrace (LD) and Large White (LW) boars from 143 to 232 days of age. With 143 days of age, LD (n=28) and LW (n=34) boars were evaluated in relation to mating behavior. Being 150 days of age, semen was collected from 33 of these males during eleven weeks to evaluate sperm production and quality. No difference was observed between breeds in relation to mating behavior. During the period of semen collection, there was an increase in semen volume, sperm concentration and motility, total sperm in ejaculate, and in daily sperm output (DSO). The percent of abnormal sperm cells decreased during the period and there was no difference between breeds (P=0.523). The LD boars ejaculated higher semen volume (P=0,016), total sperm in ejaculate (P=0.070), and showed higher DSO (P=0.042). These data indicate that LD boars show higher sperm production, and higher potential to produce semen doses in post pubertal period.

boar; reproduction; sperm production; age; breed

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