Crystallization of melon fruit through slow sugary process

The experiment was carried out in the Food Technology Laboratory of the Escola Superior de Agricultura de Mossoró (ESAM), Mossoró-RN, Brazil to evaluate the possibility of processing the melon pulp as a crystallized fruit by using the us following melon varieties: Gália, Pele de Sapo, and Orange Flesh, utilizing the slow sugary process. The pulps were withdrawn in little ball form and put successively into sucrose solutions at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70°Brix, until boiling, keeping them in inactivity for 24 hours in each solution. After that, the fruits were placed in a stove at 50°C during 6 hours, reaching final humidity between 26.16 and 27.53%. Evaluations for humidity content, pH and total soluble solids were made. In addition a sensorial analysis was made. It was observed that the melon crystallization was technically feasible. Pele de Sapo melon was the best in comparison to the other types. Changing in the melon pulp colouring was not observed.

Cucumis melo L.; processing; conservation; osmotic dehydration

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