Effects of liming on chemical properties and soil fauna in no-tillage system

Henrique Cesar Almeida Denice Almeida Mauricio Vicente Alves Jerusa Schneider Álvaro Luiz Mafra Ildegardis Bertol About the authors

This research was aimed at evaluating the effect of liming and its influence on chemistry and fauna properties of a Cambisol under no-tillage system. The experiment has been carried out in Lages, SC, southern Brazil, since May 2001. The treatments were: no-tillage with incorporated lime in the rate of 1 SMP (NT-inc); superficial liming in the rate of 1/5 SMP (NT-1/5sup), and 1/2 SMP (NT-1/2sup). As control treatment, bare soil without cultivation without lime application (BS), and plots with perennial pasture with incorporate lime in the rate of 1 SMP (Pp-inc) were used. Soil samples were collected in the layers of 0-5; 5-10; 10-20cm depth for analysis of Ca2+, Mg+2, Al3+, water and CaCl2 pH. Total organic carbon and soil fauna were analysed in the layer 0-10cm. The superficial liming in the no-tillage system in the highest rate (1/2 SMP) increased Ca2+ contents up to 10 cm depth and Mg+2 up to the layer of 10 to 20cm. The abundance and diversity of soil fauna were higher in cultivated plots under no-tillage and pasture, in relation to the bare soil, showing influences of soil management, but with no direct relation with chemical soil conditions created by liming.

ion mobility; organic carbon; soil fauna

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