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Manganese and physiological quality of soybean seeds

This work was carried out in order to study the influence in soybean crop of manganese applying, using different source and way, on the physiological potential of produced seeds and the weight of 1000 seeds. The treatments consisted of two sources (MnSO4.4H2O and Mn Oxi-Sulphate) applied into the soil and four sources (MnSO4.4H2O, chelate Cl-, chelate NO3- and chelate SO4(2-)) applied through the leaves. Using the produced seeds the standard germination, weight of 1000 seeds and vigor as accelerated aging and electrical conductivity were evaluated. Based on these results it can be concluded that there was a positive effect of the applied Mn on the weight of 1000 seeds and that the physiological potential of seeds wasn't influenced by the manganese supply.

Glycine max; micronutrients; vigor; germination

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