Thermal comfort on Subtropical and Mediterranean climate analyzing some physiological data through fuzzy theory

The objective of this study was to model and evaluate, through fuzzy logic, the level of thermal comfort experienced by housed animals as a function of their physiologic variables of rectal temperature (RT) and breath rate (BR), and setting their critical thresholds. The database was setup using two distinct environments: Subtropical climate (São Pedro area, Brazil) and mediterranean climate (Évora area, Portugal). Holstein cows temperature and breath rates were obtained in order to build a physiologic parameters database. meteorological data of environment temperature and air relative humidity were obtained for physical analysis during a 24 hours interval every 30 minutes. Data minning techniques were used for the initial data analysis aiming to build a decision making three and the further construction of rule database. For that, the computational program WEKA® was used. The results obtained were applied for the fuzzy logic application, using the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox do MATLAB® 6.1 software, according to AMENDOLA et al. (2005b). The use of this tool allowed the establishment of thermal comfort parameters for total confined Holsteins cows.

animal production; thermal stress; fuzzy logic; milking cattle

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