Testicular arteries systematization based on different levels of scrotal configuration in caprines

Sistematização da artéria testicular em caprinos segundo a configuração escrotal

Mônica Marco de Almeida Antônio Chaves de Assis Neto Alexandra Klindline Penno Airton Mendes Conde Júnior Danilo Jose Ayres de Menezes Gabriel Ribas Pereira Laurita Martins de Azevêdo Maria Acelina Martins de Carvalho About the authors

The objective of this study was to describe the distribution of testicular arterial vessels in caprines with different degrees of scrotal division. Scrotal configurations were classified as follows; Group I: scrotum without bipartition; Group II: scrotum showing a ventral division until the middle of the testis; and, Group III: scrotal separation extended beyond the middle of the testis. A colored vinyl acetate solution was injected into 60 testicular arteries (30 pairs). After, the samples were submitted to corrosion cast method to obtain tubular vascular models for macroscopic analysis. We observed that the testicular arteries emerge from the abdominal aorta, cross the inguinal canal to become coiled and involved by the pampiniform plexus. Close to the caudal extremity of the testis, the arteries become divided in cranial and caudal branches that emit collateral vessels to originate emerging branches. Testicles with intermediate level of scrotal division (group II) showed a smaller amount of those branches than the others, being the most populated the ventrolateral and the dorsolateral quadrants. The origin, distribution and localization of the testicular arteries did not show any differences related to the degree of scrotal division in caprines.

testicles; testicular arteries; scrotal configuration; caprines

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