Retroflexion and evisceration of the urinary bladder due to rupture of the genitals organs in bitch

Bruna Pinto Coutinho Érika Labat Antonio Soares Coutinho Junior Murilo Cézar Curti Josmarí Pirolo Milton Luis Ribeiro de Oliveira Mirian Siliane Batista de Souza About the authors

The current study describes a case of a female dog, adult, mixed breed, 45 days after delivery, which later showing uterine and vaginal rupture with bladder retroflexion and evisceration, condition that is rarely observed in dogs. The replacement of the bladder and ovariosalpingohisterectomy (OSH) were performed by surgical approach, however the animal died during the second procedure. In this case, we believe that the damage in the reproductive tract probably occurred during labor and the death was attributed to septic shock.

retroflexion; bladder; uterus; vaginal rupture; dog

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