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Customer requirements for development of an implement for closing levees opened for drainage

The irrigated rice is grown on most part of RS with planning surface on sunken soil and minimum tillage system. With the dry soil sowing there is a need to conform drains, which cut across the levees in the growing area. For the establishment of a definitive water slide, these open for drainage levees must be closed and for this goal there is no specific equipment that execute such activity with agility and quality, being necessary the development of an implement. Still, for the agricultural machinery development process, the raising of a lot of information is required. At the design specification phase, this information is required for the constitution of the customer/users needs and requirements, in order to be transformed in design requirements and later establish the design specifications. Thereby, this study had the objective of determining the customer requirements, starting from customer needs, to design an implement for closure of open levees for drainage of irrigated rice. All the information was obtained from bibliographic research and questionnaire application to future customers/users. The customer needs, as well as, 25 customer requisites were identified as results

irrigated rice; project; efficiency

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