Genetic and environment factors on probability of early pregnancy of Caracu cattle

Selection criteria associated to sexual precocity have increased their importance and in order to reduce the age at first calving they have been including in selection programs with positive consequences to the profit of the herds. The present study estimated the heritability for probability of early pregnancy (PPP), a trait associated with puberty, that could be considered as indicative of the beginning of the reproductive activity in females, using records on 5273 females. In order to verify the significance of the effects of milk yield in first lactation, age at calving of the dam and weaning age of the heifer on PPP logistic regression was applied. Heritability for PPP was estimated by Bayesian method, using a sire model. This model included the effects of contemporary group, milk yield in first lactation (in classes), sire and residual. The "posteriori" mean of heritability was 0.13. This value, although not high, showed the presence of genetic additive action on the determination of this trait.

Bayesian statistic; Caracu cattle; probability of precocious pregnancy

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