Impact of minority stress in depressive symptoms, suicide ideation and suicide attempt in trans persons

Ítala Raymundo Chinazzo Maria Inês Rodrigues Lobato Henrique Caetano Nardi Silvia Helena Koller Alexandre Saadeh Angelo Brandelli Costa About the authors


Minority stress comprehends the relationship between prejudice (perceived, anticipated and internalized) and mental health in people belonging to minority groups, as well as protective factors for stressors. This study evaluated the prevalence of depressive symptoms, suicidal ideation and attempted suicide in Brazilian trans people, and it`s relationship with minority stress, passability, social support and trans identity support. 378 people participated through a questionnaire answered online and in the hospital services they attended. Of these, 67.20% had depressive symptoms, 67.72% suicidal ideation and 43.12% attempted suicide. Three Poisson regression analyzes were performed in two steps, according to the outcomes. In the three outcomes there was a positive association with internalized prejudice and a negative association with social support, which were the only associations in the suicide attempt. Depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation were also positively associated with anticipated prejudice and negatively passability and support for trans identity. The vulnerability of transgender people to negative mental health outcomes and the importance of addressing prejudice on an individual and social level, as well as promoting social support and transgender identity support are perceived.

Key words:
Prejudice; Trans people; Depressive symptoms; Suicide ideation; Suicide attempts

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