Pathways for graduation evaluation in Dentistry: logical model building and validation criteria

Talitha Rodrigues Ribeiro Fernandes Pessoa Luiz Roberto Augusto Noro About the authors


The need for universal access to health care and the failure of the pedagogical model centered on only the transmission of knowledge has led to changes in the training of health professionals. The aim of this study was to provide a new alternative for evaluation of Dentistry courses based on the National Curriculum Guidelines (NCG) of the area. For this, a logical model was formulated on the need for training in the oral health pathway which allowed for the construction of a criteria matrix, validated by Delphi consensus technique and modified by the participation of 33 “experts.” The matrix dimensions presented as a pedagogical approach the profile of graduates, the teaching-service integration and orientation of health care. The detailing of these dimensions into sub-dimensions and of measurable criteria allowed for deepening structural elements of the NCG unexplored in other studies evaluating undergraduate courses in Dentistry. The final instrument proposed in this study is differentiated alternative assessment training, for both dentists and other professionals, considering that the NCG of all healthcare courses provide for the training focused on the health needs of the population, integrated to Unified Health System (SUS) and based on student-centered learning.

Dental education; Educational assessment; Human resources in health

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