Condom use in last sexual intercourse among undergraduate students: how many are using them and who are they?

Laísa Rodrigues Moreira Samuel Carvalho Dumith Simone dos Santos Paludo About the authors


A cross-sectional study was conducted to measure the prevalence of condom use in the last sexual intercourse and associated factors among university students. Undergraduate students from a public university aged 18 and over of the Rio Grande (RS) campuses were eligible. A systematic single-stage sampling was used, based on class lists and self-administered questionnaire. Descriptive, bivariate and multivariable analyses were employed, with Poisson regression for the latter two. Most of the 1,215 university students included in the analysis were aged 20 to 29 (65.6%) and 69.3% began their sexual life before the age of 18. The prevalence of condom use in the last intercourse was 41.5% (95%CI: 38.7-44.3). Male gender, lower age group, condom use at first sexual intercourse, older age of onset of sexual activity, not having a partner and casual partner in the last sexual intercourse increased the likelihood of condom use.

Key words
Condoms; Universities; Sexual health; Adult

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