Nutritional and sociodemographic characteristics of nursing mothers: a systematic review

Larissa Bueno Ferreira Ingrid Tatiana Oliveira de Nea Taciana Maia de Sousa Luana Caroline dos Santos About the authors


A systematic review of nutritional and sociodemographic characteristics of nursing mothers, using the published literature from 2004 to 2014 in the Biblioteca Virtual de Saúde and Medline databases. Using the following key words, 561 articles were identified: “Human Milk” and “Milk Banks”; keywords: “Profile,” “Nutritional,” “Milk Donor,” “Nursing Mother” and “Nursing Mothers”; available abstracts; date and language. From these, 84.1% were excluded for not dealing with the established subject, 1.8% for being a review and 7.5% for the unavailability of abstracts for study. Thirty-seven articles were selected, of which 18.9% analyzed the profile of the HM donor. Of the total, 89.2% reported age, the majority between 20 and 30 years of age. The level of schooling was mentioned in 32.4% ranging from elementary school and higher education. With respect to income, a higher prevalence of low socioeconomic status was observed. About the nutritional status, 45.9% of the studies measured the body mass index and 29.4% reported the predominance of excess weight. There were deficiencies, particularly of vitamin A, with frequencies between 9% and 26%. A majority of young adult mothers, varied schooling, low income and nutritional deficiencies were noted, demanding interventions to improve health and increase HM donations.

Key words
Health profile; Maternal nutrition; Donations; Human milk

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