Sexual diversity: a perspective on the impact of stigma and discrimination on adolescence

José Carlos Pacheco da Silva Rodrigo Ribeiro Cardoso Ângela Maria Rosas Cardoso Renato Santos Gonçalves About the authors


The objective of this article is to analyze the impact of stigma and discrimination against the LGBT adolescents’ psychic suffering. Qualitative study conducted in a specialized outpatient service of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Secondary Care of the Federal District’s Health Secretariat. Nine adolescents participated. In-depth interviews facilitated data collection, and data were analyzed with Iramuteq software and Bardin’s Content Analysis. Gender identity and sexual orientation intolerance based on heteronormativity violate human rights and are relevant social determinants in health, and overcoming the psychological distress problems identified, combined with respect for human rights of the LGBT community, is an essential vector for facing adolescent health inequalities. Discrimination against LGBT adolescents is a social determinant that health services must address since its leads to harmful consequences, such as school dropouts, lack of opportunities, family bond losses, and suicidal behavior.

Key words:
Prejudice; Sexuality; Adolescent; Discrimination; Gender diversity

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