Youth in Latin America and the Caribbean in perspective: overview of the situation, challenges and promising interventions

José Roberto Luna Manzanero About the author


This article approaches, from a youth perspective, an overview of the situation of youth in Latin America and the Caribbean based on global and regional socio-economic and demographic indicators. It provides an intersectional analysis of the oppressions and challenges that young people face to achieve their full potential within a complex structure of power relations, inequality, exclusion, discrimination and violence. Based on the evidence, it highlights effective and promising interventions for guiding investment in youth through public policies, budgets and programmes at scale, as measures for redistributing power and resources that contribute to the fulfilment of their human rights, autonomy, emancipation and agency to participate in public affairs that affect them.

Key words:
Youth; Violence and health; Sexual and reproductive health and rights; Promising practices; Latin America and the Caribbean

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