Oral infection control in hospitalized patients: an approach to cardiologist and intensive care units doctors

Sérgio Kahn Elen de Saboya Mangialardo Carlos Henrique Garcia Fátima Maria Namen João Galan Júnior Walter Augusto Soares Machado About the authors

This paper aims to find the current level of periodontal med-care knowledge, as well as the possible existence of some oral infection control protocol regarding hospitalized patients. Our sample gathered 110 cardiologists and intensive care units doctors selected from medical teams of five Rio de Janeiro hospitals. Preliminary numbers: 75.4% said to have heard something about Periodontal Medicine, although only 30% out of this group admitted to have read something concerning such subject. On the other side, only 2.7% of the sample informed to do consistent information searching along their patients anamnese, while 58.2% out of this group admitted such procedure conditional to the patient's general state at the due moment. Through such numbers, we tend to come up to the conclusion that, be it either through direct or indirect Periodontal Medicine technical information (and consequently with regards to the absolut importance of preservation and control of oral biofilm and its impact on one's systemic health), the matter has been dimly spread among medical groups. The search also revealed the probability that Rio de Janeiro hospitals lack either units or agents designed for prevention and control of oral infection; consequently, such organizations do not have any kind of protocols, reliable or not, concerned to oral infections.

Infection control protocol; Periodontal disease; Systemic diseases; Cardiovascular disease

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