Analysis of treatment of comorbidities and the profile of medical consultations for diabetes mellitus

Análise do tratamento das comorbidades e do perfil de consultas médicas do diabetes mellitus

Camilo Molino Guidoni Anna Paula de Sá Borges Osvaldo de Freitas Leonardo Régis Leira Pereira About the authors

The scope of this paper was to analyze the profile of medical consultations and drugs used for the treatment of comorbidities in patients with diabetes attended in the Brazilian Unified Health System. This was a pharmaco-epidemiological cross-sectional study conducted between March 2006 and February 2007 All patients with diabetes attended in the western sanitary district of Ribeirao Preto in the state of São Paulo were included in the study. The types of medical attendance (primary, secondary and emergency care) and the drugs prescribed for the treatment of comorbidities were analyzed. The drugs were classified according to the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System and 3,198 patients were identified. The mean age was 60.4 years and more than 55% of the patients were 60 years or older. The cardiovascular drugs most used were captopril or enalapril (60%). About 40.6% of the patients used acetylsalicylic acid in platelet antiaggregant doses. The patients had an average of 5.1 medical consultations per year (primary care, secondary care and emergency care). The utilization of statins and acetylsalicylic acid was less than that reported in the literature and the data indicate a high prevalence of admission to emergency care.

Unified Health System; Diabetes mellitus; Diabetes complications; Pharmaco-epidemiology; Primary health care

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