An intervention for the implementation of clinical monitoring in specialized care services to people living with HIV/AIDS

Ana Paula Loch Joselita Maria de Magalhães Caraciolo Simone Queiroz Rocha Mylva Fonsi Rosa de Alencar Souza Maria Clara Gianna Alexandre Gonçalves Artur Olhovetchi Kalichman About the authors

The clinical monitoring of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) contributes to identifying and managing cases of individuals who have not begun treatment (gap), those experiencing treatment failure or who have abandoned treatment. This article sought to present and discuss the development of a methodology to implement the clinical monitoring of PLWHA in the services of the Brazilian Unified National Health System (SUS). The methodology used since 2014 by the CRT-STI/AIDS-Coordination of the STI/AIDS Program, São Paulo State, Brazil, was re-structured in three meetings between June and August 2018. The new methodology retained the axes of presentation of number of users in treatment failure, gap or abandonment in the participant services, as well as the discussion of individual, social and programmatic vulnerabilities. A new axis was added which directs the discussion of the possibilities of reorganizing service care flows and management practices. Additionally, the intervention started to be carried out in health services, with the participation of a higher number of professionals from the multi-professional team, discussion of cases, workflows and processes, and regional meetings to exchange clinical monitoring experiences between services. The re-structuring of the methodology contributed to a reduction in treatment gap, a reorganization of care flows and the inclusion of clinical monitoring as a management tool in services specialized in providing care to PLWHA. This methodology can be implemented by other state programs, municipalities and services, since all have access to the same information sources used in this intervention.

Process Assessment (Health Care); Treatment Adherence; Unified Health System; HIV; Implementation Science

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