Aedes aegypti larval indices and dengue incidence: an ecological study in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mário Sérgio Ribeiro Davis Fernandes Ferreira Renata Campos Azevedo Gerusa Belo Gibson dos Santos Roberto de Andrade Medronho About the authors


The simultaneous circulation of dengue, Zika, and chikungunya poses major challenges for Brazil. Due to climate changes and other associated factors, more than two billion people in the world may be exposed to these arbovirus infections, according to the World Health Organization. The principal strategy for Aedes aegypti control programs is based on the Infestation Index Rapid Survey for Ae. aegypti (LIRAa), a sample survey in which the Building Infestation Index (BII) is used to prioritize areas for intervention. This study analyzed the performance of LIRAa in terms of its sensitivity for predicting dengue epidemics in municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro in epidemic years. Incidence rates per municipality for the years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016, plus the BII in October of the previous years. Scatterplots were created, aimed at an exploratory analysis and graphic visualizations of the relationship between the above-mentioned variables, as well as analyses of the Spearman correlation between the BII and the Breteau Index for each year, aimed at estimating the quality of the LIRAa. Comparative analysis of the values for the BII and the respective incidence rates in the period only indicated significant correlation between these variables in 2011/2012 (rs = 0.479; p < 0.01). There was also a correlation between BII and Breteau Index. It is urgent to rethink the parameters established by the LIRAa methodology and invest in alternative methodologies in entomological and epidemiological surveillance that reliably measure transmission risk in the territory and thus design more effective strategies to control these arbovirus infections.

Epidemics; Index; Entomology; Incidence

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