Shared development of printed material as a health education strategy with public school employees in Rio de Janeiro State

This article describes the process and results of an experience with preparing a mural entitled A Day in the Life of the School Lunch Cook, conducted with public school employees in the State of Rio de Janeiro by a team of researchers and students from the Specialization Course in Workers' Health at the Center for Studies on Workers' Health of the National School of Public Health, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, in partnership with the School Employees' Union. "Health workshops" based on participatory research were used to raise questions related to daily work by school lunch cooks and kitchen staff. Produced to share the results of workshops with other schools, the mural is highly meaningful in terms of the reality of a specific segment of public employees and is intended as food for thought. Based on the Paulo Freire popular education model, six meetings were held, following a script for the production of an educational leaflet including the selection of contents, the communications approach, and the style and format of the leaflet. The creativity in the images prepared by the school lunch employees based on actual experiences from their daily work made the workshops an enriching moment of exchange, in which the participants shared their ideas, values, beliefs, feelings, and life histories.

Occupational Health; Broadsides; Health Education

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