Perceptions of dental fluorosis and evaluation of agreement between parents and children: validation of a questionnaire

This study aimed to validate the Child's and Parent's Questionnaire about Teeth Appearance and to evaluate concerns relative to fluorosis among 213 pairs of parents and 12-year-old children from two regions of Brazil. Reliability was assessed by Cronbach's alpha and intraclass correlation coefficient, and construct and criterion validity by Spearman's correlations. Student t-test was used to compare the two regions and to assess parent/child agreement. Internal consistency was acceptable, and test-retest reliability was moderate to excellent. Perception of moderate to severe fluorosis and clinical data were significantly correlated, as were perception of fluorosis and subjects' concerns. Although parents from Rafael Arruda, Ceará State, showed a higher perception of fluorosis, parental concern was greater in Piracicaba, São Paulo State. Parents were more worried and dissatisfied with their children's dental appearance than the children themselves. This version of the questionnaire proved to be valid and reliable for assessing children's and parents' perceptions of dental fluorosis.

Dental Fluorosis; Validation Studies; Perception; Questionnaires

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