Epidemiological survey in schoolchildren: determinants and prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors

Teresa Maria Bianchini de Quadros Alex Pinheiro Gordia Luciana Rodrigues Silva Diego Augusto Santos Silva Jorge Mota About the authors


This study focused on the prevalence of dyslipidemia, high blood glucose, and high blood pressure in scho-olchildren and the associations with demographic, socioeconomic, biological, and behavior factors using a cross-sectional design with 1,139 schoolchildren from six to 18 years of age in Amargosa, Bahia State, Brazil. Prevalence ratio (PR) was used as the measure of association. Prevalence rates for dyslipidemia, high blood glucose, and high blood pressure were 62.1%, 6.6%, and 27%, respectively. Dyslipidemia was associated with the school’s geographic location (PR = 1.52) and child’s waist circumference (PR = 1.20), and high blood glucose with the school’s geographic location (PR = 3.41) and child’s peripheral adiposity (PR = 3.13). High blood pressure was associated with age bracket (PR = 2.34), waist-for-height ratio (PR = 1.62), sexual ma-turation (PR = 2.06), and physical activity (PR = 1.32). Intervention programs are needed to change life habits in schoolchildren.

Students; Cardiovascular Diseases; Risk Factors; Cross-Sectional Studies

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