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Experiences with primary care associated to health, socio-demographics and use of services in children and adolescents

This study aimed to evaluate user experiences with primary care for children and adolescents according to health, socio-demographic characteristics, and use of healthcare services. The 2006 Catalan Health Interview Survey studied a representative sample of the population aged 0 to 14 (n = 2,200). Parents reported their experiences with primary care through 17 items from the Primary Care Assessment Tool. Multivariate models were fitted to estimate prevalence ratios (PR) of scoring low on experiences with primary care by health, use of services, and socio-demographic variables. A low first contact-accessibility score was associated with declared chronic conditions. Immigrant parents declared a poor experience with several primary care functions. A low score on first contact-accessibility, continuity of care, and cultural competence was less likely when children had double healthcare coverage and more likely when they had visited emergency services. Improvement of some aspects of primary care services may reduce both use of emergency services and inequity in this area.

Primary Health Care; Health Services; Child; Adolescent

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