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Evaluation and costs of the Tuberculosis control program in the university school health center of Ribeirão Preto, 1988

There is a recognized gap between the extensive knowledge on tuberculosis and its epidemiological situation. The ongoing reorganization of Public Health Services in Brazil may increase its eficciency and help in the control of diseases. The present study aims at evaluating the development of the tuberculosis control program and its costs in the area of the University School Health Center, in the city of Ribeirão Preto, during 1988. Cases of tuberculosis reported in the area of the School Health Center (population around 194,700 inhabitants) were studied according to the costs of laboratory examinations, drugs and salaries. Deficiencies both in the program implementation and in its results were made evident by the following findings: low coverage (only 61 among the estimated 118 cases); lack of laboratory examinations in 48.3% of pulmonary cases in adults; recovery and death rates equal to 65.6% and 13.1% respectively in all forms of the disease; low cost of laboratory examinations and drugs (about half the expected); costs of US$ 276.25 per recovery (60% above the expected) and US$ 35.74 per hour of medical work (about 4 times the expected).

Tuberculosis; Program Evaluation; Cost Analysis; Outcome and Process Assessment; Primary Health Care

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