Internal migration and distribution of Chagas disease mortality, Brazil, 1981-1998

In Brazil, mortality from Chagas disease occurs even in regions classified as free of vector transmission. Because death rates refer to residents, and considering that a huge migratory movement has occurred inside the country, this study was intended to quantify the contribution of Brazilian internal migration to overall mortality from Chagas disease, from 1981 to 1998. If the PAHO Southern Cone Initiative actually achieved its objectives, one could expect declining death rates and increasing age at death from this cause. The results showed that out of 68,936 deaths in Brazilians with known birthplace, 32,369 (32%) occurred in people born in States other than those of their current residence (range: from 0.3% in Rio Grande do Sul to 100% in Roraima and Amapá). Most (67%) of the deaths in migrants occurred in individuals born in the States of Minas Gerais (51%) and Bahia (16%). Death rates in residents showed a consistent decline in the Southeast, South, and Central West of the country, but not in the Northeast and North, where median age at death was the lowest.

Chagas Disease; Internal Migration; Mortality

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