Interactions among stakehoklders involved in return to work after sick leave due to mental disorders: a meta-ethnography

Robson da Fonseca Neves Mônica de Oliveira Nunes Lilian Magalhães About the authors


Mental disorders cause impact in the work environment. Investigations of interaction among stakeholders who are involved in the return to work are scarce. Meta-ethnography serves to synthesize qualitative studies by means of ongoing interpretation and comparison of the ideas presented in the articles. The goal of this study is to present a meta-ethnography of the interactions among the stakeholders involved in the return to work process after leave of absence due to mental disorders. It aims: (1) to investigate the interactions among stakeholders involved in return to work; (2) to identify enablers or obstacles for the return to work. The database search found 619 articles, 16 of which met the inclusion criteria. Analysis of the articles revealed six second-order concepts that resulted in two syntheses. The first is about performance ethos in the return to work, and the second shows return to work as a catalyst of new life styles. Models that favor the worker’s performance ethos, as well as a perspective oriented by psychosocial aspects may enable return to work practices after leave of absence due to mental disorders.

Return to Work; Mental Disorders; Occupational Health; Qualitative Research

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