Formative research for the design and implementation of a strategy to increase colorectal cancer screening in the workplace in Argentina

Juan Pedro Alonso María Belizán Mariana Comolli Lucas González Javier Roberti Andrés Pichón-Riviere Ariel Bardach About the authors


The workplace has great potential to disseminate information and implement health promotion activities such as cancer prevention and early detection. Due to the challenges of deploying health interventions in this setting, formative studies are needed to adjust the design and implementation of successful strategies. To inform the intervention’s design and implementation and improve the adherence rate to screening with fecal occult blood test in a workplace in Argentina, a formative study was conducted to identify potential barriers and facilitators. The formative study adopted a qualitative methodological design. Interviews were held with 10 individuals in charge of key areas in the institution where the main study was conducted, besides 8 focus groups with workers over 50 years of age. Challenges were identified at the institutional level for the intervention’s implementation, such as workers’ geographic dispersion and the complexity of the institution’s flowchart, as well as at the population level, such as low knowledge about colorectal cancer and diagnostic tests and low risk perception. The facilitators featured the intervention’s acceptability and the availability of human and material resources to proceed with the intervention, such as institutional communications channels for disseminating the information and logistics for distribution of diagnostic kits. The formative study allowed identifying resources and potential barriers that informed the intervention’s design and implementation.

Colorectal Neoplasms; Health Promotion; Workplace; Implementation Science; Qualitative Research

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