Mortality, years of life lost, and incidence of occupational accidents in the State of Bahia, Brazil

This study of occupational accidents presents estimates for mortality, years of potential life lost, and cumulative incidence of severe cases (over 15 workdays lost) in Bahia State, Brazil, 2000. A correction factor was produced by comparing different data sources. Data were taken from compensation claims in the National Social Security Unified Benefits System (SUB), death certificates from the Ministry of Health Mortality Information System, and national census. Occupational accident-related mortality was estimated as 0.79 per 100,000 workers using the Mortality Information System, but increased to 13.17 per 100,000 using the SUB database. Assuming the latter result for the entire workforce produced a correction factor of 16.67 for the Mortality Information System database. Years of potential life lost were 23,249, and the cumulative incidence of severe occupational accidents was 2.3%. Occupational accidents are preventable, but still common in Brazil. Underreporting is widespread, and corrected statistics need to be published, thereby turning this neglected public health problem into a policy priority.

Occupational Accidents; Potential Years of Life Lost; Incidence

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