Postharvest conservation of mangaba fruit as a function of maturity, atmosphere, and storage temperature

Adriana Ferreira dos Santos Silvanda de Melo Silva Rejane Maria Nunes Mendonça Ricardo Elesbão Alves About the authors

It was evaluated the influence of modified atmosphere (MA) by PVC film and refrigeration on postharvest conservation of mangaba fruits harvested at the maturity stages green (G), yellow pigment initiation (PI), and yellow fruit with light reddish spots (YR) was evaluated. They were stored under refrigeration (10 ± 0.5 ºC and 90 ± 2 % RH) and room conditions (23 ± 2 ºC and 75 ± 2% RH). The use of MA associated with refrigeration resulted in lower losses of fresh mass allowing the quality maintenance of postharvest fruits during 15 days of storage. The overall visual appearance of the fruits was kept above the acceptance limit in all maturity stages evaluated. Mangaba fruit harvested at the maturity stage green did not develop the characteristic color and presented visible incidence of freezing and chill damage when kept under refrigeration. Fruits harvested at the maturity stage PI, kept under MA and refrigeration, ripened normally and presented better appearance after 15 days of storage when compared with mangaba fruits harvested at the YR maturity stage and kept under similar storage conditions.

Hancornia speciosa; PVC film; maturity stage; postharvest quality; storage under refrigeration; native fruit

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