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Proximate food composition and caloric value of foods from animal origen

Elizabeth A.F.S TORRES Norberto C. CAMPOS Marilda DUARTE Maria L. GARBELOTTI Sonia T. PHILIPPI Regina S. MINAZZI-RODRIGUES About the authors

Proximate food composition data are very important to any professionals of food science and human nutrition area. In Brazil they are rare or do not exist. The food composition of items, of animal origin, usually consumed in the diet: meat, milk e eggs, were analyzed in order to determine their caloric value. After that they were compared with the data in the Tables of Food Composition (TFC) commonly used to our professionals. It was observed that there are smaller differences in the values obtained for eggs, than milk, pork, beef, chicken. Although significant difference was not detected between determined caloric values and the ones from TFC, these report should be considered to professionals that use the TFC.

food composition; caloric values; food of animal origin; diet

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