The written enunciation in Benveniste: notes for a conceptual framework

Valdir do Nascimento FLORES About the author


This article presents a proposal to interpret the expression written enunciation, present in “The formal apparatus of enunciation”, by Émile Benveniste, aiming to establish guiding principles to study the written enunciation within the formal framework of the event of enunciation. A study with conceptual nature is carried out and possible approaches are subsequently presented, in prospective terms. In order to do so, a conceptual study considering not only the aforementioned article but also other texts in which the subject of writing is addressed by the author is conducted, so as to finally define the meaning that may be assigned to the expression. The result of the research indicates that there are differences in the treatment of the problem of writing in the author’s work, allowing the conclusion that, despite bearing relations with the general notion of writing, the expression written enunciation differs from it due to its connection to the formal framework of realization of the enunciation outlined by Benveniste.

Written enunciation; enunciation; writing; discourse

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