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Por que não avança a avaliação ambiental estratégica no Brasil?


Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) has been discussed for many years in Brazil. Despite the fact that about 40 such assessments have been conducted so far, their outcomes have been piddling if we consider their actual influence in decision-making. SEA should not be limited to plans, programs or policies in economic sectors where major projects already require mandatory environmental impact assessments, but rather aimed primarily at public policies whose social and environmental consequences are barely known or largely ignored, such as macroeconomic policies. The value of SEA to decision-makers must be demonstrated to overcome distrust, especially among politicians who perceive SEA as reducing their discretionary power. Inevitably, SEA requires more transparency and better governance. That is biggest hurdle to its effective implementation in Brazil.

Planning; Public policies; Socio-environmental impacts; Sustainable development objectives

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