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O voto de saias: a Constituinte de 1934 e a participação das mulheres na política

this article analyzes the political participation of women, in the set of deep changes brought by the Revolution of 1930 and, especially, by the perspective of the elections to the National Constitutional Assembly in 1934. This analysis, of the so-called micro-history style, is based on the results of a research conducted by the daily newspaper Diário de Pernambuco, in the beginning of 1933. Nineteen middle and upper class women of Pernambuco, Paraíba e Alagoas, as well as two women's associations, were interviewed on the political momentum, the task of the future Assembly, the political role and the space they believed women should occupy in the changing Brazilian scene of the 30's. This important, and widely unknown, material was studied with the purpose of enabling the original interviewees to speak up their minds, given the due consideration of their context.

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