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Joaquim Nabuco e os abolicionistas britânicos: correspondência, 1880-1905

The relationship established between Joaquim Nabuco and the British and Foreign Anti-slavery Society (currently named Anti-Slavery International) is a little studied aspect of the struggle to abolish slavery in Brazil. The correspondence between Nabuco and Charles Harris Allen, Secretary of the Society, and other British abolitionists throughout the decade of the1880s and beyond reveals a partnership consciously sought by Nabuco with the aim of internationalizing the struggle.These letters provide a unique insight into the evolution of Nabuco's thinking on both slavery and abolition, the difficulties he faced, including the accusation of lack of patriotism, and the powerful support he found in London. At the same time they offer a running commentary on the slow and (at least until 1887-8) uncertain progress of the abolitionist cause in Brazil.

Slavery; Brazil; Joaquim Nabuco; Abolitionism; British Abolitionists; Correspondence; British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society

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