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Uberização: a era do trabalhador just-in-time?1


The uberization of work is analyzed from two main viewpoints: 1) It can be understood as an ongoing global trend, that consolidates workers as disposable, subordinated self-managers, defined here as just-in-time workers; 2) Companies present themselves as mediators, when, in reality, they are establishing new forms of subordination and labor control, defined here as algorithmic management of work. The discussion is based on the results of empirical research with cosmetics resellers and motorcycle couriers, in addition to secondary data on Uber drivers and so-called bike boys. Uberization is analyzed as a new type of gig work and as a generalization of typically feminine and peripheral features of work, giving a new visibility to elements that frame the everyday lives of workers in the outskirts of big cities.

Uberization; Algorithmic management of work; Gig work; Amateur work; Motorcycle couriers

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