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Antônio Vieira, profeta e missionário: um estudo sobre a pseudomorfose e a contradição

This essay aims at analysing two ideological and semantic aspects of Antônio Vieira's works: the pseudomorphosis (theme of the first part) and the contradiction. The pseudomorphosis or false form is a figure through which the superficial layer of the text would not correspond to its deeper message: based on biblical prophecies and Bandarra's ballads, Vieira creates the image of a universal and Christian Fifth Empire under which, however, one may distinguish the project of a vast Portuguese empire. As to the contradiction (theme of the second part), Vieira's missionary works reveal an acute contrast between the struggle for freedom of the indigenous people from Maranhão and the acquiescence in the enslavement of black Africans. One may also perceive contradiction between this conformist attitude and the vehement defence of equality among all men created by the same God and redeemed by the same Savior.

Antônio Vieira; Prophetism; Slavery; Missions; Brazilian literature; Portuguese literature

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