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Graciliano Ramos e a revista Novidade: contra o lugar-comum

Having as purpose to understand the formation of Graciliano Ramos' work, the focus of this essay is the presentation of the magazine Novidade (Maceió, 1931). The study of this magazine discloses how the northeastern group which Graciliano belonged to took a stand against platitudes in the art and politics. The novelist published in Novidade the chapter 24 of Caetés and the chronicles "Sertanejos", "Chavões" (unknown), "Milagres", and "Lampião". Since these texts, Graciliano formalized in all his work, of singular aesthetic and ethical rigor, the impasse of the education/of the letters in a world of violence, central subject of the magazine.

Graciliano Ramos; Magazine Novidade; Lampião; Modernism

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